Best Cities for Bike Lovers

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Are you tired of touring the cities on subways and buses and feel that it is time for a more fulfilling experience? With the increasing number of bike-share systems and the growing popularity of bike culture, it has become easier to tour the cities on bicycles. You do not have to grope for a good view through the window or feel like you missed out on something; with a bike, you tour at your own pace and can always make a stop if something really intrigues you. If you plan to embark on two-wheeled tourism, below is a list of 10 bike-friendly cities you should consider visiting.


If you are a true bike lover, one of the cities which should come top on your list is Amsterdam. Cycling is a well-established culture in the city where most locals opt to use their bikes as an alternative to automotive travel. Since there are so many people on bicycles at all times of the day, you get to experience the city from the perspective of a local. There are several places in Jordaan district where you can rent a bike.


Copenhagen takes pride as the birth place of Cycle Chic and in addition has over 390 km of bike lanes. As evidence that the capital of Denmark is a true paradise for those who love cycling, 50% of the locals use their bicycles to commute on a daily basis. Visit the tourism office in Copenhagen for a roundup of top renting places for bikes. As part of the culture, it is important for the locals that all people including tourists style up and look good on their bikes.

Portland, Oregon

The city is well known for its beer, baristas and bikes. If you are out for thrilling experiences, be sure to visit Velocult which is widely acknowledged as the city’s hub for bike related events. You will certainly like it while commuting from one fun place to another on two wheels. Just to give an example, you can have coffee at the courier coffee bar, boost the stimuli at TrailHead and end your day at the bike friendly Apex bar.


The French capital does not exactly make it on the top list of bike-friendly cities due to the heavy scooter and pedestrian traffic but it is a good catch for sight seers who would not want to feel like they are doing the wrong thing when riding on a bike. Cycling is part of Paris culture; apart from the Velib bike-share system, you will also find delight in the city’s bike paths.

San Francisco

Hilly yes, but that should not put you off. When the city is approaching fall, it is time to take advantage of Sunday Streets which is a code name for a collection of events which sees the city closed off to cars in several neighborhoods. One of the areas which are well known for car-free weekends is the Golden Gate Park. Those who want to experience the delight for longer periods of time can visit Marin County.


Berlin ranks among the top 10 bike-friendly cities according to the Copenhagenize bike blog. An estimated 13% of the entire population commute on their bikes daily with some neighborhoods having their population of bike lovers as high as 25%. The city also plays host to the 1st Bicycle Gallery which is all about showcasing high-end bikes. Berlin bike tourists are at the advantage of an online route planner which can be used for planning tours.

Rio de Janeiro

With a bike-share system and more than 250 kilometers of bike paths Rio de Janeiro is another of the bike-lovers paradise. Cycling has gained popularity recently as the city prepares for the 2016 Olympics. There are several places from which you can rent a bike.


Barcelona has always been popular with free minded travelers who intend to get lost in new experiences by strolling out in the warm weather. There are several places from which you can rent bicycles and not to forget that the city has more than 100 stations for the local Bicing program.


Cycle lovers will certainly love Montreal. There are several bike paths and separated lanes which can be easily accessed and navigated using PedalMontreal. The city also has a reputation as the gateway to Quebec’s Route Verte which boasts over 5000 km of bikeways.


You will probably like the fact that only a portion of Bogota’s population has access to cars. Most of the locals use bicycles to commute which is deemed to be more economical. The network of bike paths connects well with the transportation system which saves you from fatigue and inconveniences if you are traveling to a destination which is a little bit too far.